The applicant must have a full secondary education. Must have a high educational and intellectual level, cinematic taste, have good knowledge in the field of literature, theater, cinema. Have a perfect command of the state language (Kazakh) and be able to work with a computer.

          The applicant must

have an idea about the main directions of cinematography; about the evolution of genres in cinema; about the founders of cinematography;

– to know the universal and domestic history of cinematography, the patterns of their development, the peculiarities of the creative process in cinema, the work of famous actors and directors in the history of world and Kazakh cinema;

– to analyze the film, to draw your own conclusions about today’s cinematic process;

– have the skills of oral analysis of the current state of Kazakh cinema, orientation in the context of trends in the field of arts, conducting discussions on cinema.

Preliminary creative selection:

          For applicants, consultations are held in the period before the entrance exams. During the consultations, written works in the form of reviews are accepted.

Creative exams:

  1. Written exam (5 hours). Watching a movie and writing a movie review. The applicant’s ability to critically analyze the film production is determined.
  2. Oral examination (by tickets). Determination of the applicant’s level of knowledge about cinema, theater, fine arts, choreography, literature.

Requirements for the written exam:

Reviewing the film, the applicant should strive to reveal his understanding of the ideological intent and the features of the dramatic construction of the picture. The ability to analyze the work of cinematography, to understand the director’s intention, the actors’ play, the work of the artist, the cameraman, etc. is evaluated.

During the exam, attention is paid to the level of literary language, interest in the profession.

Requirements for the oral exam:

– Patterns of development of cinematographic art;

– To draw your own conclusions about today’s cinematic process;

– Analyze the film.